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Antique Natural Butterscotch Egg Yolk Amber Necklace....The weight is 265.9 grams. The lenght is appr. 108 centimeters.The biggest ball is 32 by 28 millimeters. The next two beads measures 31 by 28 and 30 by 28 millimeters. The smallest bead measures 14 by 13 millimeters......its Guranteed Antique......Amber Necklace. Guranteed ....its not pressed or treated or bonded amber. you can see the images of beads....its completely Natural shape and guranteed Authentic. such big weight necklaces are extremely rare to find. Usually amber necklaces were prodused 60-110 grams. Such big necklaces were made for very special ocasions like wedding celebrations, a very special gift for 50 years aniversary or some other occasions. And sure, need to mention that to make round big bead, it is very expensive because huge amber loss to make such a big bead And sure- very valuable is patina.... The yellow color. As you know such natural yellow color has became so rare as mostly the amber we see in the market is all polished.


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