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Stunning 2.11 Carat Cushion Diamond


I have a Stunning 2.11 Carat Cushion cut diamond that I've had for over 10 years. I sent it to GIA and had it graded last month and had the report number micro laser inscribed on it and also had it sealed from GIA. 

I want to be clear....even though it is graded an L in color, this is NOT a "yellow" appears to be white as can be on the finger.... when compared to $15-20,000 High end diamonds in the jewelry store....they ARE whiter.....but I have seen several that were $10,000 + that I thought were VERY similar to my untrained eye....I will tell you this....when my girlfriend wore would routinely solicit comments from complete strangers on a regular basis....this ring gets a LOT of attention. Tell someone you paid $15,000 - $20,000 for it and NOBODY would blink an eye. It's that impressive. Also please note where GIA lists it as a "Natural" diamond. It has NOT been altered or "Enhanced" as many are. 

Also, please keep in mind the concept of "Eyeclean". There are MANY stones that may grade higher than this that have OBVIOUS carbon spots / inclusions that truly detract from their appearance and are easily noticeable with the naked eye....I looked LONG and hard  to find one as eyeclean as this one. As the photos show, there are NO flaws that are easily seen without magnification. The photos speak for themselves. Never buy just based on the based on seeing it in person or with very detailed photos.


The first three photos in the GIA enclosure are accurately representative of what it looks like in person. 

I've also included some OLD photos of it mounted in a setting for size reference. 


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