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Karl Lagerfeld’s Now Designing Engagement Rings

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June 3, 2016, by System Administrator

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Fashion mogul Karl Lagerfeld is expanding his artistic endeavors yet again by venturing into designing engagement rings. Known for his stunning clothing, accessory and handbag designs for Fendi, Chanel and his own label, Karl Lagerfeld has partnered with jewelers Frederick Goldman to design rings that appeal to today's millennials.

Branching out for brides-to-be

Karl Lagerfeld has been designing wedding gowns for quite some time and his bridal creations are always the final look at any Chanel couture show, but he hadn't dealt with the pre-wedding day details of engagement rings until now. As he explained to Vogue Magazine, creating the "elegant but not bling-bling" rings for brides-to-be was a challenge for Lagerfeld, as he wanted it to symbolize a genuine desire to wed.

Distinct expressions of feelings

Keeping with Karl Lagerfeld's unique style of design, the engagement rings in his collection for Frederick Goldman feature three distinct looks. The first look features pointed studs, the second utilizes geometric shapes and modern appeal and the third flows with arches and curves inspired by the architecture of Paris.

Options for every bride-to-be

The engagement rings designed by Karl Lagerfeld are set for a first collection release in September 2016 just in time for fall weddings. The collection comes in 18-carat white gold, 18-carat yellow gold or platinum and has a price range of $1,000 to $10,000. Although intended to appeal to millennials, Lagerfeld's designs may have a larger reach as the unique engagement rings catch the eye of every fashion-forward bride-to be.


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