Neil Lane engagement ring with Leo diamond and matching wedding band


Neil Lane engagement ring with Leo diamond and matching wedding band

Neil Lane 14k gold engagement ring with a center princess cut Leo diamond that is 0.80 carat. Matching wedding band, both are size 7.0

Color (I)
Clarity VS2

They were bought at Kay Jewelers about 18 months ago and were taken in every 6 months for cleaning and inspection.

As you can see, I have a copy of the GSI report, she still has the original.

Apparently selflessly defending our country wasn't good enough for her. We had dated about 8 months when I was moving to a new base. I thought about trying the long distance relationship thing, but we had a heart-to-heart talk and she told me if I asked her to move with me, she would pick up and go. Four more months went by and she had stood by my side through some tough times of being alone in a new city while I was off training and working some long hours. After all of this, I knew she was "the one," so I proposed and she said yes! I was ecstatic and looking forward to a fall wedding we were planning back in her home state. Five weeks before our wedding date, she went back home for her best friends wedding and that's when something changed. She didn't return my calls or text messages like she used to and when we did talk she was short with me. Three weeks before our wedding date she came back and told me she didn't want to get married after watching her best friend state her vows to her husband at her wedding. She said she didn't think she could say vows and actually mean them at this time in her life. And with me in the military, it was hard on her. This was a total shock to me as there were no warning signs and she never mentioned anything about the military before. She packed up and went back home. I still don't know if she was telling me the truth or if something else happened at her best friends wedding, but it has been long enough and she has made it clear we won't work things out. This set retailed for over $8000. I am hoping someone else will be able to actually use this set as it was intended.