When it comes to marketing your jewelry, individual buyers—people looking for great deals—will often give you the best price.

On I Do Now I Don’t sellers of fine jewelry have recouped from 40 to 75% of the value of their jewelry. It’s so easy to do and absolutely free:

  1. Start with a FREE Listing It takes less than 60 seconds to complete.
  2. Compare buyer offers and accept the best one. The buyer’s cash is held in escrow pending our gemologist’s authentication.
  3. Send your ring to I Do for our gemologist’s authentication. It passes! Cash is released and we send you a check. No waiting, no hassles. No risk. All reward.

Rings have sold on I Do Now I Don’t in as little as 72 hours at prices that make sellers on auction sites green with envy.

Fee: I Do charges a 15% commission on the sales price only if item sells

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 We have three recommendations for selling your jewelry fast:

  1. Price the Item to Sell. Not at the appraised value or what you hope it’s worth but closer to wholesale.
  2. Tell a Story: Rings and jewelry sell faster with a story. Some sold in 24 hours
  3. Send to I Do Now I Don’t for a 48-hour turnaround on Best Offer