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We have made hundreds of buyers and sellers of jewelry, diamond rings, even wedding dresses very happy. And the national press has taken notice.

  • Good Morning America

    What makes I Do different is that once a buyer and seller make a deal, both the money and the ring are sent to the site for safekeeping. The money is held in escrow while a certified, (independent) gemologist appraises the ring

  • Fox Business

    "A site for great values for people looking for diamond rings"

  • NBC News

    What happens when a dream engagement became a big, fat nightmare?! You sell the ring and move on!

  • New York Times

    Meanwhile, the resale market for used engagement and wedding rings is booming, with popular online auction Web sites like

  • Website Allows Users To Cash In, Out On Broken Engagements

    You've scrimped, saved, picked out the perfect ring and probably practiced the proposal a hundred times. But if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being told "I don't", just know you're not alone and said it can help you close this chapter in your life.

  • Heartbreak diamonds find new homes online

    Joshua Opperman thought he'd met the woman he'd marry and spend the rest of his life with. But when they broke up a few years ago, he was left with a broken heart, an expensive ring and an idea that he's turning into a business.

  • A Marriage of Convenience

    Doing it on the cheap? One person’s trash is another person’s treasure at I Do Now I Don’t, which sells secondhand wedding dresses and jewellery

  • Ready, Set--Shop?

    (I do, now I don't) is a marketplace for divorcees who want to sell their old engagement rings as well as prospective buyers looking to pop the question on the cheap. Recently, a 3.5 carat platinum ring sold for a mere $7,500. Typically, rings of that weight sell for well over $10,000

  • How to Delete Your Ex From Your Online Life

    Someone ending an engagement or marriage can sell or auction off his or her your engagement ring and other jewelry on Mara Opperman, cofounder of the site, says its average transaction price is $2,500, usually 30 to 60 percent below retail, so it can also be a place for those planning an engagement to snag a deal on a ring. The site is full of interesting back stories detailing relationships gone bad.

  • 10 Ways to Have a Frugal but Fabulous Wedding
  • Diamonds Aren't Forever When Couples Break Up, Cash Out on Web

    After 35-year-old mortgage broker Steven Sherman and his fiancee broke up last year, he kept the 1.7-carat diamond engagement ring he had bought for $8,000. The jeweler who sold it to him offered $2,800 to take it back.

  • Turning Devastation to New Business

    "I Do Now I Don’t is awesome! A great idea."

  • Planning A Wedding On A Budget

    Rings can also cost thousands but opting for vintage or pre-owned saves a bundle. Websites like and Diamond Wholesalers offer big discounts.

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  • 10 Best Celeb Engagement Rings - From I Do Now I Don't

    10 Best Celeb Engagement Rings - From I Do Now I Don't that you can buy for less